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Like most other websites, we use cookies as a way to better understand how our visitors use our site. The information gathered from cookies helps us improve CatwalkFashion. We have compiled this Cookie Policy so you have clear information regarding the technology we use and what your choices are in regards to that technology.

If you use our site without making use of any cookie blocker or disabler or you choose not to opt out of using our technologies, then your consent is implied. You consent for us to use your personal information in accordance with or privacy policy. If you would prefer not to allow the use of cookies as you browse our site, then please use the opt-out links included in this policy or configure the settings on your mobile app.

About Cookies

When you visit our site looking for competitive prices on wholesale clothing, we send small text files to your computer. The text files are read by your computer every time you visit our site again. These cookies come in two different varieties- session and persistent. Session cookies disappear once you exit the web browser. Persistent cookies will stay on your computer, even after you close your browser or disconnect from the Internet.

If you want to know more about cookies and how you can delete them or see which ones have been placed on your computer, you can visit

Why Do We Use Cookies?

If we didn’t use cookies, then we could not retain persistent information about our visitors. Cookies allow us to remember what items you put in your shopping cart, what your search preferences are, what you have bought in the past and other information that helps us serve you better. With this information, our site can automatically function like a customer service representative. It can remember important information for you and help sort products in a way that cater to your shopping preferences.

The cookies allow you to find what you are looking for faster and weed out results that do not really apply to your tastes or shopping habits. Essentially, they allow us to provide exceptional service and keep offering some of the most competitive prices among wholesale clothing UK retailers.

Cookies are also used to track general activity on our site. These particular cookies may not collect or retain any personal information, but they do tell us which parts of the site are getting the most use and what parts are not being visited. This helps us monitor customer interest, so we can determine which items need to have expanded catalogues and which ones are not interesting customers. By collecting this information, we can provide all our customers with more relevant search results and improved wholesale clothing inventory.

Third Party Cookies

We sometimes partner with reputable companies and allow them to place cookies through our site onto your computer. These cookies help us determine how our site is being used and what we can do to improve its performance.

Most often, we will work with Google’s programs like Analytics and Website Optimizer. These assist us in determining customer patterns and improve site performance. These cookies will not collect identifying information for Google. They only give them a truncated IP address. This tells Google what country you are in, but it doesn’t provide sufficient information to identify you to them.

We value your privacy, and if you have any questions or concerns about how your personal information is being used, please let us know. We will do our best to respond to your satisfaction.

Opting Out

We believe that your personal data should be yours to control. If you want to opt out of our information collection processes, we will certainly accommodate you. We want your experience with CatwalkFashion to be a pleasant one, so we have made sure that you can opt out of any data collection process you would like to.

Please note that disabling cookies for any website can have negative repercussions on that sites performance. You may also be unable to access certain sections of the site or the site may not offer its full functionality if you do so. You will not be able to opt out of Flash cookies, since these are required for the site to operate. However, this particular technology is not used to collect any personal information.

Your browser settings can be used to control how cookies are placed on your computer. Once again, the site will prove invaluable in deleting and controlling cookies on your computer.

If you are using a mobile device, the settings menu on that device can be used to control many interest-based ads and location tracking.

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